Illawarra Birders

Birding club based in
Wollongong, affiliated with Birdlife Australia



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Illawarra Birders Membership

Photograph of some Illawarra Birders at Griffith Caravan Village,March 2022


Illawarra Birders is a strong and diverse club with over 120 members from all walks of life. Members span the spectrum from people just interested in birds, to those with a lifelong passion. We would love to have you join us.

You are welcome to attend 2 events before joining to determine if the club is for you.

To apply for membership, please send an email to with:

We will reply with the payment details

Annual membership fees:

Membership fees cover the July ‐ June year. Renewal of membership is due on July 1st each year.

New members
If you join after May 1st your membership will extend to June 30th next year.
If you join Jan 1st ‐ April 30th, your initial membership is reduced to $20 and covers membership until June 30th.

Our Mission

Illawarra Birders aim is to inspire the enjoyment, education, research and conservation of birds. Our mission is to build and encourage cooperation and partnerships between birding clubs and all levels of Government to ensure the conservation of bird species and their habitat.

To these ends, we practice the Birdlife Australia Ethical Birding Guidelines so that nothing we do adversely affects the welfare or habitats of birds or any other flora and fauna.


The Illawarra Birders acknowledge the Dharawal people and their clans, the Wodi Wodi and Gurandada, Traditional Custodians of the land on which we gather to appreciate the Birdlife and other natural wonders of the this beautiful region.