Half Day Walks

Budderoo Fire Trail

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An easy walk along a fire trail. This walk can be a quick walk or all day walk depending when you turn around and head back to the start.
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Killalea Lagoon

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A short 3 km walk around the lagoon at Killalea. On days when it has been wet you can stick to the high side and when the weather has been dry you can walk around the lagoon. This is a good walk to tie in with the Killalea walk and have a picnic lunch between the 2.

Staffords Farm Track

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A very wide and easy track which makes this a good one for night walks.

Mangerton Park

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A good city walk forming a loop through the park. Since the people from bushcare have been working the park it has become a very enjoyable location

Croom Sports Complex

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A very easy walk through Croom forest. On its day can be a very busy place for birds. Locked at night but open all day. For those interested in the flora it is the home of the Illawarra Green Hood
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Sublime Point Walk

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A very good spot for pilot birds around the wooden bridge. This walk can be extended easily by just continuing along the track

Myimbarr Wetlands

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This is a man made wetlands which at the moment has to much water. The council are currently trying to fix up a design fault which stops them from being able to alter the water levels. When repairs are complete it has the potential to be a very good location.
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Altough a short 1.6 km return walk it can be quite productive. Mainly good for larger birds and a good place for new birdwatchers.

Lake Wollumboola

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This location is a great spot for waders and terns. In 2015 birdwatchers came all the way from around Australia to see the Wite-rumped Sandpiper. At present the local birding community are in the process of having it classified as an IBA site due to the number of Black Swans (14,000) and Eurasion coots. During the summer months the little terns are found breeding on the sand dunes.
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Jerrara Creek Dam

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A very easy walk for a a good variety of birds. Good views can be had walking from the front gate to the carpark and picnic area.
The walk from the carpark follows the creek to an intersection. Take the left fork to cross the river then follow the river back to the main road.
Take the right fork and it takes you up the hill to the dam viewing platform. You can then proceed on through the turnstile and down to the banks of the dam.