Unusual Sightings

26/10/17 Two Pacific Bazas heard and seen from house. Verandah- Bellawongarah.
Thanks Carla Jackett

26/10/17 2 pilotbirds & 1 Red-browed Treecreeper in wet forest patch on Griffiths Trail, Barren Grounds, about 2 km east of the car park Tuesday afternoon.
Thanks Graham Barwell

21/10/17 Lewin’s Rail and Brush cuckoo heard at Korrungulla Swamp this morning
Thanks Potters and Graham Barwell. No Black-eared seen

20/10/17 Just now observed & photoed a Black-eared Cuckoo at Purry Burry Point, Primbee
Thanks Paul Lynch

19/10/17 Orange Chats at bike track southern end of Swamp road Dunmore. This is the first sighting ever in the Illawarra.
Thanks Patricia Knight

15/10/17 3 Gull-billed Terns at Shoalhaven Heads this arvo & several fenced-off Pied Oystercatcher nests. Very few waders of any kind.
Thanks Graham Barwell

14/10/17  3 white headed pidgeons Wgong botanic gardens Saturday 12.30pm.
Thanks Gleniss wellings

14/10/17  Yellow-billed Spoonbill, Spotted and Spotless Crakes, Freckled Ducks at Haywards Bay.
Thanks Penny Potter

12/10/17 Painted Button quail on the tracks behind the rural fire service at bardness Ave farm borough heights.
Thanks Andrew Wood

12/10/17 Powerful Owl - University of Wollongong
Thanks Penny Potter

8/10/17 9 Plumed Whistling Ducks Nowra Sewage Treatment Works.
Nerida Hudspith and Carla Jackett and Martin and Penny Potter

8/10/17 108 Pink Eared Ducks Bomaderry Sewage Treatment Works.
Thanks Nerida Hudspith and Carla Jackett

8/10/17 Jaspers brush Rd, Jaspers Brush this morning 2 Female brown Quail, 1 Pallid Cuckoo & 3 Brown Songlark thanks Paul Lynch

6/10/17 Haywards Bay ponds  a Black -tailed Native -hen & a Rufous Songlark 3.54pm Thanks Paul Lynch

5/10/17 2 Wandering Whistling Ducks now at Twin Lakes estate South Nowra! Rare here.
Thanks Carla Jackett