Past Presentations

Tuesday 6th June
David Winterbottom, ‘Iguacu Falls, and the Pantanal - World Heritage sites in South America’
The Iguacu Falls, probably the finest in the world, are set within a significant remnant of the globally threatened Atlantic Forest and the Pantanal is the world's largest tropical freshwater wetland.

Tuesday 2nd May

Beth Mott, ‘Meet the Powerful Owls - What’s up in the Illawarra
This talk will present the current information collected by the Powerful Owl Project and give you an idea of what urban Powerful Owls are up to in the Sydney region. We have rustled up three owl territories around the Royal NP and would love some more information about what’s happening with Powerful Owls in the Illawarra.  Please bring a plate to share.


This is the video we were unable to see on the night of the meeting. Full video of Beth's presentation will be up shortly

Tuesday 4 April

Gail Crawley,

‘Photos from my travels across Northern Australia’
Gail will present some of the photos she has taken over several trips across Northern Australia, from Cape York to Broome including the Kimberley and the Top End in the Northern Territory.  Please bring a plate to share.