Monthly Walks

Saturday 28th July Illawarra Birders Photo Twitch

This year we are trying something new. A Photo Twitch.

As with our New Year’s Day Twitch it is the person that records the most bird species in one 24hr period (midnight on 27th July to midnight 28th July) who will be the winner.

Unlike most Twitchathons the record of the sighting must be a photo with only one bird in each photo with no cropping of photos allowed.

This doesn’t affect our normal photo comp which will still run at the end of the year.

Rules as follows:

Only one bird to appear in each photo. (No cropping)
The photo only needs to be good enough for ID purposes.
All photos must be taken on the day of the photo twitch
All photos must be taken in the Illawarra as described on Illawarrabirders.org
No flash photography is to be used.
No nests are to be in the photos
On completion of the twitch the total list of birds photographed is to be sent to daverower@gmail.com <mailto:daverower@gmail.com>  NOT YOUR PHOTOS.
The top photo twitcher will then be asked to submit their photos for scrutiny by the Committee.

The Committee’s decision is final.

Thursday 2nd August Lunch Time Walk in Botanic Gardens 12.30-1.30pm

Leader Martin Potter Mobile 0437683677
Lunch time bird walk.Meet at the Discovery Centre. We have permission
to use the nearby car park on Madoline Street (off Irvine Street) as long as a car park pass is obtained from the Discovery Centre on arrival and displayed on your dashboard.

10th /12th August Booderee Weekend - Michelle Rower

Friday 24th August Tallawarra Ash Ponds 8.30am

Leaders Michelle and Dave Rower Mobile  0421335037
Meet on Yallah Bay Road which leads to the Energy Australia Tallwarra Power Station. This is only accessible from the princes Highway southbound from Dapto. If coming from the south you need to take the first Dapto exit and turn right onto the Princes Highway. Yallah Bay Road is the second left after this turn. Park n the left hand side of the road of Yallah Bay Road about 300 metres from the turn off opposite gate 37. Bring morning tea, hat, sunscreen, plenty of water for the day and wear enclosed sturdy shoes.