Upcoming Meetings

Tuesday 3 July 2018, Evening Meeting, 7.30pm Coniston Community Centre

Speaker: Fred Van Gessel, ‘Birding in Borneo’

Fred has published various CDs on bird calls including ‘Bird Calls of the Greater Sydney Region and ‘Nightbirds - Owls, Nightjars and Frogmouths’. He is also the main contributor to the Apps ‘Pizzey & Knight - Birds of Australia, Digital Edition and ‘Australian Birds’.  His talk centres around Sabah and Sarawak where he spent 3 weeks sound recording the diverse wildlife.  In Sarawak he spent 3 days up a mountain top in very primitive conditions and pouring rain, without electricity and basic amenities.  The birding, however, was excellent.  Please bring a plate.

Illawarra Birders meet on the first Tuesday of the month at Coniston community centre at 7-30 pm. We are a friendly and informal birding club so come along and join us, each month we have interesting speakers and discussions concerning birds and their conservation. Light refreshments are also served.
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