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You Should Get Into Birding, The Most Relaxing Of Hobbies

Powerful owl back in the Illawarra after a few years away

If you see one let us know


The 2017 Australasian Bird Fair and Wildlife Expo will be the greatest bird and wildlife related event in the Australasian-Pacific region, more than just a bird fair - a wildlife expo!

The Australasian Bird Fair and Wildlife Expo offers you and your family and friends the chance to connect with other people who share your passion for nature and help you go deeper. Explore ways to attract birds and wildlife into your garden, meet people who can take you on amazing birding and wildlife tours, check out the latest in outdoors footwear, clothing and accessories, connect with birding and conservation clubs, engage your children in nature discovery, test drive the latest in optical and camera gear with the experts, hear about exciting research and conversation projects from scientists and conservationists, pick up a book, a work of art or a fabulous photographic print, or just hang out among like minded people for the day.

If you’re wild about nature, the 2017 Australasian Bird Fair and Wildlife Expo is for you!

This year we are expecting more than 100 exhibitors

A complete range of optical and photographic equipment to suit any budget with hands on experience and experts on hand to provide guidance.
Travel and tourism operators from local to across the globe with packages including local tours as well overseas from polar to tropic and everything between.
Book sellers
Clothing and accessories
Garden/wildlife accessories
Organisations, charities and trusts
Bird clubs
Photographic competition and exhibit
Science and conservation presentations
Children’s activities

2017 Australasian Bird Fair and Wildlife Expo 3-5 November 2017

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