Illawarra Birders Inc
27-3-18 : 3 ganggang cockatoo barren grounds
Thanks Terrill Nordstrom

27-3-18 : powerful owl in botanic garden with a fruit bat in its claws.
Thanks Des Howey

22-3-18 : 2 Ruddy Turnstone at MM beach this morning.
Thanks Maria Coleman

21-3-18 : little and musk lorikeets, little ravens, white winged chouph and restless flycatcher at Wilton.
Thanks Terrill Nordstrom and Keith

20-3-18 : Zebra Finch (20), Double-barred Finch (7), Restless Flycatcher (3), White-throated Gerygone (1), Dusky Woodswallow (10) and one Brown Quail.
Westbrook Road, Bickley Vale (near Camden).
Thanks Brian Deans and Keith.

19-3-18 : Peaceful dove. Integral Energy Park. Dapto.
Thanks Brian Deans and Keith.

18-3-18 : 6 Pacific Swifts at Crooked River bridge Gerroa now.
Thanks Penny & Martin Potter.

18-3-18 : Shining Bronze-Cuckoo calling bellawongerah this morning.
Thanks Carla Jackett

17-3-18 : White-bellied cuckoo-shrike. Illawarra Treetop walk.
Thanks Brian Deans and Keith.

16-3-18 : Shelduck freckled duck with young, baillon's crake and striated heron highlights of Tallawarra today

15-3-18 : Pacific swifts over Blackbutt Reserve now. Best viewed from the eastern carpark
Thanks Paul Lynch

14-3-18 : sorry for the late sms but Powerful owl. Heard. Just now. Coachwood Park. First for this location.
Thanks Brian Deans

13-3-18 : One common sandpiper at Bendeela Pondage 7 great crested grebes still there on Sunday
Thanks Louise and Craig Summerhayes

13-3-18 : 4 Double banded Plovers windang island
Thanks Terrill Nordstrom

8/3/18: 10+ Australian Gannets adult and immature diving of South end of Werri Beach this afternoon photographed.
1 Little Penguin around the rocks at southern end of Werri beach this afternoon.
Thanks Warren and Bev

6/3/18: white morph goshawk in Primbee  headed towards why juck bay
Thanks Margaret Mathews

6/3/18: Square tailed kite springhill rd this morning
Thanks Terrill Nordstrom

5/3/18: Beautiful Firetail and a Dusky Woodswallow. Maddens Plains.
Thanks Brian Deans

4/3/18: Barking owl Seen and heard at about 0615 this morning Gerringong.
Thanks Tim Billington

4/3/18:Whimbrel Lake Illawarra main channel
Thanks Martin Cocker

4/3/18: Tawny-crowned Honeyeater and 2 White-cheeked Honeyeaters at Maddens Plains.
Thanks Martin Potter.

4/3/18:Female white winged triller Why Juck Bay
Thanks Martin Cocker

2/3/18: 5 Double banded Plovers Windang Island rock shelf my first for the year.
Thanks Martin

1/3/18 Restless flycatcher, Red-rumped Parrots & White-plumed Honeyeaters along Ashwood Road, Wilton this afternoon.
Thanks Graham Barwell

little and musk lorikeets, little ravens, white winged chouph and restless flycatcher at Wilton.
Thanks Terrill Nordstrom and Keith