Illawarra Birders Inc

2/8/17 8 Gang Gangs
Thanks Carla Jacket

24/7/17 16 Chestnut-breasted Manikins
Integral Energy Park
Thanks Martin Cocker

17/7/17 3 Nankeeen Nght Herons
Illawarra Yacht Club
Thanks Paul Lynch

7/7/17 Male Flame Robin
Factory Lane, Jamberoo
Thanks Paul Lynch

12 Double-barred finches
Integral Park
Thanks Maria Coleman

3/7/17 Spangled Drongo
Murphys Ave
Thanks Thomas Burley

1 Flame Robin
Factory Lane, Jamberoo
Thanks Graham Barwell

30/6/17 Six Australian Shovelers
Coomaditchy Lagoon
Thanks Paul Lynch

26/6/17 Peregrine Falcon
Thanks Kara Edington

25/6/17 Spangled Drongo
East end of Coomditchy Lagoon
Thanks Paul Lynch

13/6/17 1 Australasian Bittern Killalea Lagoon
Thanks Maria Coleman

13/6/17 1 Spotless Crake at Tallawarra
Thanks Graham Barwell and Paul Lynch

12/6/17 Bar Shouldered Doves Rocklow Rd, Dunmore
Thanks David and Kara Eddington

11/6/17 1 Restless Flycatcher, Factory Lane, Jamberoo and 1 Rose Robin Rocklow Rd, Dunmore
Thanks Graham Barwell

11/6/17 2 Australasian Bittern Tallawarra

10/6/17 White Kookaburra Killalea
Thanks Ralph Stadus

9/6/17 120 White Faced Herons Swamp Rd
Thanks Kara Eddington

9/6/17 6 Great Crested Grebes, Wingacarribee Reseroir
Thanks Paul Lynch

8/6/17 1 Red-necked Avocetfeeding with stilts Hooka Island. Observed from observation Tower.
Thanks Mari Coleman

5/6/17 2 Gull-billed Terns Shoalhaven Heads
Thanks Martin Potter

3/6/17 3 White-Fronted Terns Red Point Port Kembla.
Thanks Paul Lynch

2/6/17 Pair of Dark Morph White Bellied Cuckoo-Shrikes Killelea
Thanks Thomas Burley

28/5/17 1 Rose Robin and close sightings of Little Lorikeets.

23/5/17 Osprey flying over Windang now.
Thanks Richard Smart

4/5/17 1 White Headed Pigeon, 2 Large Billed Scrubwren, 2 Australian Logrunners and 1 Crested Shrike-tit. Behind Grevillea Park, Bulli Thanks Graham Barwell

4/5/17 1 x Bassian Thrush and 2 x Bar-Shouldered Doves Primbee Sand Dunes. Thanks Terrill Nordsrtom

1/5/17 Plenty of Honeyeaters still at Primbeedunes, including Fuscus and Scarlet plus 2 Little Lorikeets and a Brown Goshawk as a bonus. Thanks Graham Barwell

30/4/17 2 Pied Oystercatcher & 1 Gull-billed Tern highlights at Lake Wollumboola this arvo. Several flocks of Topknot Pigeon near Bomaderry & 1 Yellow-billed Spoonbill flew over the road between Geroa & Gerringong.
Thanks Graham Barwell

29/4/17 2 Large-billed Scrubwrens behind the Grevillea Garden, Bulli, this morning.
Thanks Graham Barwell