Here is the link to Mountian Bike plan for Illawarra. They are taking submissions.

Our submissions 1, 2, 3

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Copies of letters sent

Illawarra Birders Submission re Sutton Forest Proposed Sand Mine

Illawarra Birders Letter to Wollongong Council re- lights near Botanic Gardens.

Illawarra Birders concerns to expansion of playing fields next to Botanic Gardens 2018

Illawarra Birders letter re-Riverstone Wetlands Nov 2017

Illawarra Birders Letter to mercury re killing of wood ducks

Illawarra Birders Biodiversity Legislation Review Submission June 2017

Protest Letter against Duck shooting

Letter re- Lake  Wollumboola Golf course    Response

Illawarra Birders Letter re- Tahmoor Gorge

Letter to Warrawong Suzuki

Tallawarra email sent

Tallawarra Aproved Concept Plan

Wollumboola Reply Speakman

Illawarra Birders Letter re lake Wollumboola council copy June 2015

Reply from OEH about Lake Wollumboola 16-4-15

Reply to council re Tallawarra 8-4-15

Tallawarra 18-3-15

Lake Wollumboola 28-2-15

Illawarra Birders Submission re- Draft Illawarra Regional Growth and Infrastructure Plan

Myimbarr and Dunmore Sand Mine 8-8-14

Purrungully Woodland Survey 8-8-14

Council Surveys

Late in 2013 we approached our local councils with an email explaining our members were available to conduct survey’s, hold workshops or assist in educating the public about our local birds. We received enthusiastic responses and now conduct bi-annual surveys of many sites for Wollongong and Kiama Councils. We then prepare a report where we provide statistical data of sightings for the councils. Our data is also added to E-bird and contributes to statistics collected for our annual report.

Shellharbour Council

We currently survey the newly created Myimbarr Wetlands at Shellharbour at least every two months. This gives us a snapshot of the species utilising this newly developing wetland area. We are working with the council, who are eager to share the data we collect, to improve some of the access points to this area so that this wetland can be enjoyed by more birders in the future.

We also conduct monthly surveys at Blackbutt Forest and highlights from this area over the past six months include the sighting of two Noisy Pitta’s, a Rufous Fantail, Spangled Drongo.

World Wetlands Day

World Wetlands day was celebrated on the 2nd February in conjunction with Adam Woods who is the Wetlands Program Officer for Conservation Volunteers Australia and members from Illawarra Birders and the local Conservation Volunteers. The day began with a walk at Lake Illawarra entrance which is a usual part of our monthly Wader Survey (used for the Shorebirds 2020 project. Following this stalls were set up on the southern side of the lake and the Conservation Volunteers cooked and served a delicious breakfast. Members of the public were invited to participate and gather information relating to wetlands and the birds that frequent our local wetland areas. The shorebird survey work was continued after breakfast.

Signs for Shellharbour

Shellharbour Council asked the club to assist with the new signs that they wished to erect at some of the local wetland areas. Several members met council representatives at one of the wetland areas to identify some of the birds commonly seen. Council then asked us to send photos of the selected birds to be placed with a small amount of information relating to each species.

Latest Conservation News

We have also sent a letter to the representatives for the development of the local Tallawarra Ash Pond area offering to assist with survey statistics and provide information when this development goes ahead to try to minimise the impact the development will have on the wetland species that utilise this area.

In January Lake Wollumboola and the proposed changes to zoning in this area were highlighted in the local media. The club wrote a letter to the minister for Planning and Infrastructure and has offered assistance to the group involved in fighting for this area.